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The future of fats and oils is here

We produce a range of high value to commodity fats and oils using yeast and fermentation for the food and oleochemical markets.

The vegetable oil market has many supply chain issues.
Extended lead times, regulatory risk and impacts from geopolitical shifts.
Sun Bear Biofuture removes all these, and more, from your business.

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Our products maintain the functionality of cocoa butter, palm oil and high value cosmetics ingredients, without the negative environmental and business impacts.

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Our Experts

Our experts have engineered the future of fats and oils through biotechnology and precision fermentation. Like brewing we utilise centuries old technology, yeast and fermentation, to produce naturally derived fats and oils.

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Get In Touch

Learn about reducing your business risk and improving your environmental impact with our innovative fats and oils.

News & Updates


Sun Bear Fest 2024

We invited our partners and collaborators to spend an evening celebrating all of our success to date at our inaugural Sun Bear Fest. It was fantastic fun, and a lovely way to pause and say thank you to all that have helped us in the last two years.


We’ll be making it even bigger and better next year so watch this space.


The First Mouthful Never Tasted So Good

With all our safety testing results back we’re very excited to announce that we’ve enjoyed the taste of our oil for the first time ever this week. Baked into a delicious chocolate chip cookie, it was the perfect way to finish the first phase of our mission to prevent 100 millions tonnes of CO2 annually within 10 years.


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The Bears head to Germany

Ailsa, Jose and Tawni enjoyed a trip to Germany to take part in the Yeast Lipid Conference. Ailsa presented about our work and we had the chance to share knowledge and to learn from others within the oleaginous yeast community. We found the conference very informative, and loved the chance to meet other start-ups and academics targeting similar scientific challenges, so we’re looking forward to the next one in 2026.


Our Sustainability Mission

Palm oil was the original inspiration for Sun Bear Biofuture. It is responsible for over 500 million tonnes of carbon annually and is the third most impactful food humans produce, after meat and dairy. It is a great ingredient and has unique properties that have helped its popularity explode. Now we need a commercially viable alternative to enable the growth coming from our population expansion to 10 billion by 2050.

Working With The Best

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